Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost another end

It's the most stressful time for the term again.Since term is finally going to end in less than two weeks, anyone would be bombarded with so much stuff to do for their final requirements.But of course, I made a promise to myself that I would make this blog alive, despite the workload that I may be having in school.

If there is an item that I could wear over and over again, that would be trousers or harem pants.They just make my life so much easier.I could say that I am most comfortable wearing them among anything else! :)

For this look, I also wore my cutie patootie top with a heart logo on it.I love the fact that it matches my pants teehee :) Also, I wore a sheer cover up from Prima so that I won't worry about my top being blown heavily by the wind, thus exposing much more skin than expected.
While we were in the midst of the photoshoot, Mommy J (photographer/art direction/mummy) told me to borrow her bag because it matches my outfit during that day...and VOILA!
I'm trying to improve my poses so that it wouldn't take a lot of time for us to take outfit shots. But in the end, I'm akward as ever! Promise, next next next shoot improve ko pa yan :) Also, I want to share that since next term would give us another schedule,Mommy J has been giving me different names of possible "photographers" that could bear with me and my aspirations. chos. Hindi daw keri ni myy ang photog class everyday! :) wihihi
Top from Forever21
Trousers from Forever21
Bag from Kipling (photographer's own)

I must go back and drown myself with the stuff I need to do for school :(

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  1. yiii....<3 imrpoving poses keep up the good work! haha