Thursday, December 13, 2012

Attempt to be Lee Min Ho

For our finals in one of our major classes, we had to choose a person to impersonate.Also, that chosen celebrity should be in the opposite sex. When I was making my own top three choices, I had Ryan Bang, Mike Enriquez, and Daniel Padilla. Haha!
But when we were asked to pick for our final decision, I chose to be Lee Min Ho. I think it's because at that time, Lee Min Ho came to Manila.Also, I thought that my mamita could help me because she is after all, Mrs. Lee Min Ho. hihi :)

Today was the presentation and I'm glad that it's finally over. Let me just share with you some of the things that we did in the process of becoming our chosen personalities.
I asked my friend, Arrah, to come to my condo so that we could help each other with the wigs and stuff.

honey about to put her wig
Since I had ultra-thick and long hair, it was difficult to hide my hair under the wig! In case you're wondering, I bought my wig at Landmark for around 400 php.Not bad, huh? :)
I know I don't look good with this hairstyle! But I'm so thankful  because she was able to fix my hair! Wooohoo hairstylist lang ang peg!
Lee Min Ho and Daniel Padilla!!! :)
I know that I am nowhere near looking like Lee Min Ho since he is such a handsome man!
After the performance, I'm happy to take off my wig and go back to normal again haha!

Thank you to mamita for lending the bench polo! :)


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