Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mary Grace

Today was my first time to give a birthday treat! Since I'm not getting any younger, I wanted to celebrate my birthday even in a simple way. Thus, I invited my college mummy and her sister for a Mary Grace Lunch. We had this planned since October ! Initially, I wanted to have my birthday 'party' at Stacy's because I found some food blogs featuring it, and it was just oh so cute.And if you know me,you would know that  I'm a sucker for all places that are quaint or cute.Last week though, I realized that it would be difficult for us to find Stacy's, so we settled for a restaurant that is much closer to us, Mary Grace.

Thinking about going to Mary Grace fills me with such joy.I feel like a child excited for a christmas party.I'm pretty sure it's hard to miss the sight of Mary Grace.Every corner is filled with cute decorations and christmas lights!

I can definitely feel Christmas in here!

We went there around twelve noon and it was pretty packed.We had this joke that everyone who enters the place always asks if there's an available table on the upper floor.(we are guilty)

Upon entering the place, we are greeted by this decoration.Birds! I think they really like this concept.Even in the comfort room, they installed this sound system so you can hear birds.Okay, weird information haha.
True, indeed.Mary Grace makes me feel like I'm home.
On the first floor, you can also see that there is a corner for their bakeshop!Afterall, they are known for their baked goodies.
Also, on all of the tables, there are handwritten notes written by the customers.ugghhh I want to! :(

Love love love this place!
For our drinks, we had a pitcher of apple honey iced tea! Definitely one of the reasons why I love coming to this place.
We had three orders of Squash soup! Hihi
Super busog na kami after eating this! :) Yummy and nutritious!

My order- Pasta Atriciano
For their tomato based pastas, our server said that this was the bestseller.I love the meatballs!! Even if I'm the type of person who loves my food to be sweet, I still appreciate the taste of this pasta.It's not overpowering or anything like it.i I guess the same goes with the other pastas :)
Bheng's order - Seafood pasta.Yummmm

Mummy J's order- Smoked Salmon.YUM!!! I suck at describing food.Teehee
Because we love to take photos, we went to the second floor to seize the opportunity haha!There's a playing corner for the kids.Unfortunately, I felt so tamad to take off my shoes, so no photos of me trying to fit in there!
Lemon water, Lime water, Orange water.Citrus overload! :))

Restroom at the second floor :)


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