Friday, October 12, 2012


After such a long time of desiring to go to Yabu, I finally had the chance to go there today with Mamita!I was super exzzzziteeedd haha.So we took the train and arrived to SM Megamall.
We came there around 10 am since mamita told me that the place is usually filled with so many people.
Much to our surprise, when we arrived, we were the only customers since it's still early.YAY!! First customers for the day, so we had the place to ourselves...for a while.

love this!

mamita is so kilig?/ haha
I was taking a lot of pictures and the staff/waiters kept on looking.Perhaps they thought I was a food blogger?haha
starbucks verry berry to complete our day!

mamita working on it.
We also had the chance to grind the sesame seed and mix it with the tonkatsu sauce. :)


mamita's order- Salmon tonkatsu at 435 php with unlimited japanese rice and unlimited cabbage! woot woot

my order- can't fully remember the exact name but it's pork tonkatsu (180 g) at 355php with unlimited rice and unlimited cabbage!
I'm not good at describing food, so all I can say is that the food was so delicious!
-I also love the cozy ambiance.It's not intimidating!
-I love the service.Really good staff.They kept on approaching our table, asking if we need anything.
.I am very particular when it comes to the uniforms of the staff, and I love the way they all look approachable.I'm saying this because I get turned off when the waiters/waitresses  look like their in a club or if waitresses wear skimpy clothes.
This is how it looks like in the comfort room.Nice idea,isn't it?

Someday, my blog is gonna be featured here.chos!

spotted! haha

I would definitely go back to Yabu because I really had a wonderful experience.
Much love,

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