Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lazy Sunday no more!

Several days ago, I've been telling myself that I should do something or maybe explore new places more by myself.When we went to MOA last week, I noticed that there are new foodshops beside CCP, and I really wanted to go there because there's Krispy Kreme! I was happy because I don't have to go to the mall or anything just to go to Krispy Kreme.So today, I challenged myself to go to Harbour Square by walking.Maybe it is a bit far but I prefer to walk because I wanted this chance to  exercise haha.Also, I am familiar with the Pablo Ocampo area because I used to live in the condo beside Rizal Stadium during my frosh year.Ahh, I remember the times when I would go to Harrison Plaza to do grocery, or the time when I would also walk to Assumption Parish Church (near Manila Zoo) for my TREDONE community service! I may not go there as much as I used to before, but I guess familiarity really helps because I wouldn't worry about going to the wrong place and such.

Around 11 am, I went to Tapa king Lasalle to have a light lunch, then I walked and walked till I got to my destination.It was really hot and there were a lot of people in Lasalle since it's DLSUCET today, but nothing can stop me!Actually, there are orange-colored jeepneys that would take you to CCP.In fact, these jeepneys would be in front of the condo I used to live in before.But I think I'm really a martyr,I prefer walking than commuting even if the destination is a bit far.

When I got to the place, there were a lot of people ( mostly older men) with their bicycles.Lakas maka-emote!

Also, there were a lot of people hanging out in the park.There were some crying, and ung iba,may sarili talagang mundo.I find it very awkward to take pictures but for my blog, I'll do it para hindi wasted ang opportunity chos.After taking photos, I went to the real Harbour Square, which is filled with restaurants and foodshops.I was so surprised to find all of these things!The place also reminds me a lot of Emabracadero in Legazpi.

Ang babaw ko pero I find this experience fulfilling because I felt like I can do things because I CAN! Also, it's really nice to exercise even if sundays make me feel lazier than usual.
ngarag face
And this is me finally home after what seemed like walking forever! :)
I'm hoping to be more adventurous!


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