Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love :)

Super late upload since I just got the pictures from mommy last monday!
Last month, mommy J randomly told me that she bought this cookbook and they were trying to cook  the recipes every week.I got super excited because I really wanted to join them too.So with her permission, I went to their condo  last September 21 to join their cooking session hihi (adoptivemommy forever).After taking the jeep, in less than twenty minutes, I arrived at their condo na! Imagine my surprise when Mommy J told me that I could sleepover  at their place.Wihoooo


ngarag is ngarag huhu

mommy j and teaz (serious mode)


grocery shopping begins...

teaz starting to cook

housewife si my.WEEEE <3

 I'm hopeless when it comes to cooking but I love being part of the process or maki-epal lang :)
 And the final result : tadaaa
Pasta with Tomato Sauce

looks so yummy in this pic :)

Mananalo tong sisters sa Fresh beauty award.kainis haha :)

 Thank you myy for lending me the clothes, the laptop, and other essentials! :)
call center agent ang peg! :)

2 amazing days with equally amazing people whom I treasure :)

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  1. Love the photos!! The pasta looks sooo delish! Followed you! :)

    The Misty Mom