Saturday, June 9, 2012

Books books books

I seriously hope that I can finish reading all of these books.I guess I need to stop watching Modern Family and Awkward for a while.oh nooo :(

 The funny thing is that I bought Rj Ledesma's book because I really like reading his column on the newspaper but then I don't think this book was really my type since its about flirting and stuff.On the other hand, I am starting to read Nectar in a Sieve and it's pretty good.

I always spend such a long time finding for a cookbook and The Sneaky chef just makes me want to come home and bake, bake, and bake.

I bought this other book because every time I watch Oprach back then, I could not help but admire how incredibly genius Dr.Oz is! And this book is really helpful since it gives a lot of information about beauty.I know that you can read a lot of beauty tips anywhere but this book is really a beauty bible. :)


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