Friday, June 29, 2012


I don't know what my readers would want me to post in my blog but I apologize if I'm flooding my blog with silly things.Haha
This week, since my daddy came to visit me, it was time to splurge a lot on clothes, books, and most especially,  food! I can never be on a diet when I'm with my parents since they make sure to provide me and I won't starve myself hihi.Here are some of the things that I've got:
books from Fully Booked

Who can ever resist such a pretty cover?I hate Fully Booked for having such amazing designs for the cover of most of the classic novels.They are so pretty and quite steep at the same time.Also, I bought Fifty Shades of Grey to satisfy my curiousity.I know that a lot of people dislike it but it's better to see it for myself. :)
I am so obsessed with this gummy bears!!!!!
Daddy makes sure to buy mochi every single time he comes here.I'm not a big fan naman of mochi pero blessings pa rin ang mga cutie mochies!
I should refrain from eating cookies but I just can't resist these two that I saw in SNR.
Again, I don't know why my dad bought these but I'm so excited to try it all! :)
Happy Weekend.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Last thursday, I went to the animo centennial bazaar since I heard that Jess' Little Louis' Cupcakes would be  there.

(From left to right : caramel oreos, apple orange, and granny's red velvet)

It was my first time to buy the apple carrot.I was so excited to eat all of the cupcakes as soon as I went home.

Nothing beats the Golden Oreos cupcake!I've been trying so hard to find the golden oreos around supermarkets but there's no good news yet.I took the chance to ask the lady who was manning the booth at the time.She told me that they buy the golden oreos on a particular supermarket but it's very bihira lang daw to find it :( buhuhu


Friday, June 15, 2012


Some organic goodies I bought from my favorite go-to store, Healthy Options!
The Happymelts organic freeze dried yogurt snack is the best!


Saturday, June 9, 2012


I tried this photo editing application in my ipad since I got so bored yesterday.But it actually turned out to be so much fun since I tried out a lot of wigs! haha
KALOKA ung application.

curly shell

wavy na magulo bwahaha

in fairness,pass ito for me. :)

victim ko pa si besty...haba ng lashes!

color editing lang

parang na feature sa newspaper ang peg :)

pwedeng gawing poster sa bed.chos


"lay me down in the grass, let the bugs take my mind, build a home with my thoughts. 
and they'll build me a house, i don't mind if it's small all i need is a room with a roof and four walls. "

Books books books

I seriously hope that I can finish reading all of these books.I guess I need to stop watching Modern Family and Awkward for a while.oh nooo :(

 The funny thing is that I bought Rj Ledesma's book because I really like reading his column on the newspaper but then I don't think this book was really my type since its about flirting and stuff.On the other hand, I am starting to read Nectar in a Sieve and it's pretty good.

I always spend such a long time finding for a cookbook and The Sneaky chef just makes me want to come home and bake, bake, and bake.

I bought this other book because every time I watch Oprach back then, I could not help but admire how incredibly genius Dr.Oz is! And this book is really helpful since it gives a lot of information about beauty.I know that you can read a lot of beauty tips anywhere but this book is really a beauty bible. :)