Saturday, April 28, 2012


It's been so long since the last time that I visited my blog.Honestly, I was hesitant to take pictures since last month because of the incident that happened to me huhu. But today, I guess that it's time for me to be  my normal self and have my pictures taken.
Two weeks ago, I finally came home after a very stressful and emotional term!So I usually spend my summer waking up late then immediately going to our store afterwards to help.And every day, after work, my parents and I would usually go to lamba,or more popularly referred to as the Legazpi Boulevard.Thank God that it's just so near to our place!Every single time I go here, I cannot help but be mesmerized by the scenery.It's such a good place just to relax,exercise, or just to contemplate on things.I hope that I can try to show more of my hometown in my upcoming blog or outfit posts!

mommy and me :)

 As you can see in the photo below, some people normally go here to exercise but  I am such a lazy ass to do some exercise.Hopefully, I will manage to get up really early to jog or do some walking.
 It was around six in the evening when we came here this day and the Mayon feels a little shy today.Teeehee

Much love,

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