Monday, April 2, 2012


These are pictures from last month when we ( me, mommy J, and bheng) went to Banapple! (aka my post CP party haha)

Last few weeks ago, we were supposed to go to this Poetry event in Ayala Triangle. I am so thankful because at that time,Mommy J called me up all of a sudden.So I made kulit as usual for us to have a date.I call it as my post disease party haha.
Mommy J; Sa Banapple na lang.
Me:Omg.May banapple na dun?
I was so surprised when I learned that Banapple has a branch on Ayala Triangle already!It's been so long since I wanted to go to this restaurant but I have always thought that the only branch they have is in Katipunan.

During the day of our date, I came too early so that there wouldn't be so many people when I commute in the train.I arrived around two in the afternoon and as usual, went shopping a bit.Around four pm, I went to Powerbooks to meet Mommy  J so that we can go to Banapple together(Yay!)

Then we met up with Bheng, who was already in Ayala Triangle Gardens.We were glad since there were only very few people when we went to Banapple during that time so we got to choose our table!It was actually a very small place but I think it''s very ideal for bonding times with bezzies.
(I felt like I was in a quirky version of Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi.)

Cream Cheesy Penne for our first order. :)

strawberry! :) - mine

I felt a LITTLE guilty since I ordered first, and I was able to get the only slice left of the Strawberry Graham(?) Cake.Inunahan ko sila my and bheng haha.

Strawberry Banana- theirs
Because of that, Mommy J opted to order Strawberry Banana cake instead.I think I got bad karma since their order was bigger huhu.

banapple logo

I forgot what this is.Milk shake?

Mommy J looking pretty as always.:)) Nag-effort talaga para summer look ang peg haha.
Interestingly enough, I own the same violet dress that she wears here.Like mother, like daughter.I promise too wear it once I get better. Tehee


  1. yummy. Banapple has good food. I just hope they have a bigger place.

    followed you, follow me too. thanks!

  2. the place is so cute! i wish i could go there someday. :)