Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rooneyy rooney

I am so in love with the film A Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Last friday, I had the chance to go with mamita to Ayala with the intention of buying some cosmetics.But in the end, we ended up watching a movie as well.

During the start of the film, I was happily eating my popcorn and some pretzels till the opening credits was really a little difficult to bear because the cinema the music was so loud.As in.Also, during the first half of the story, it was a little bit boring but i have to thank the fact that I actually googled on the plot summary of the film weeks before.I don't know why but I always feel sympathy for a character who has piercing and tattoos all over the body.I believe that this is the second film that I've liked a film like this, the first one being Snakes and Earrings.Despite having some scenes that are really difficult to see because of its brutality, I have come to truly appreciate the entirety of the film.

This is the first time that I've seen a film of Rooney Mara and she's just totally brilliant.I am both in love with her character and her real self.She also has this undeniable chemistry with Daniel Craig and that made me feel extra kilig during their scenes,and when she was writing her a letter.
When the film ended,  I felt really sad at the same time because they did not end up together ( YET) but all I have to do is to endure not seeing both my most loved characters till they get back together again.Hahahahh

Rooney Mara 
still beautiful in her own way while playing her role
At the end of the film, I went out to the bookstore and grab a copy of the novel series.And here I am, not strong enough to hide my strong admiration.


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