Monday, February 13, 2012

The challenge

This is the first time that I'm going to do a post attempting to experiment with makeup.The concept of doing so first came to me last week and I knew that I just had to do it.I know that this post might seem silly but this is another step that I'm going to make to reinvigorate my blog. :)

I fondly remember that when I was still a little girl, I would always grab some lipstick available at home and apply it on my lips.It felt nice acting like a lady even at such a young age.The feeling I get when I swab my lips with a tint of a red, or a pink  makes me happy in the sense that it adds some color both to my appearance and to my life.But as I grew older,  my hobby of applying lipstick decreased until I entered college.Now,my love for the  lipstick was finally rekindled.

 I just wanted to give a short summary on what happened last week while I was on my search for new lippies in tow.

1)Me and my mamita went to a lipstick quest last week because we just felt like doing so (haha). Knowing that I am an Ayala girl, the most natural thing to do was to pick Ayala as the setting for our quest.
2)We first went to SM department store since we just arrived from the MRT station.When we went inside the dep. store, we went our way to find different known drugstore brands such as Revlon,Covergirl,Maybelline,and so many more.But I ended up choosing nothing since both my mind and heart was already set for the best, MAC.
3)We tried (or maybe I?) to hide my overexcitement once landing MAC.It was not my first time going there because I've previously bought studio fix last year but I was  feeling so giddy to find the best lipstick that I can get.
4)Salesladies were a bit unentertaining so we left first then went to Nars.
5)I saw this really cute shade from NARS but I was still contemplating on what to really buy.
6)At the end, we went back to MAC.When we saw the  newest collection,our hearts just stopped.It has the best lipstick shades that I have seen just yet.So there we were,loving almost all the shades in that collection.My favorites would be Pigeon Pink and Party Trooper.
7)When the saleslady told us that ALL OF THE SHADES from that collection are gone for forever, that moment was just truly heartbreaking.They shouldn't have displayed it out there if it's out of stock (a s in all the branches all over the world DAW.)
8)Feeling the sadness that we have, the saleslady told us that there are still so many shades similar to the ones we love.She suggested Lady Danger because Anne Curtis uses it if she's wearing orange daw.Also,she recommended Pink Noveau.
9)I've heard a lot of showbiz personalities rave about Pink Noveau a million times.So I decided to try it out for myself.I am so happy that I made that decision because I'm really loving the shade!

Pretty long recap?

Going back to the topic,I wanted to do some sort of beauty review but the difficulty lies in the fact that I'm not a very good observant when it comes to these things and I haven't tried a lot of cosmetics so  I can't compare which is better or what.The only  promise that I can make is for my beuaty review attempts better in the due course of time.

For the meantime, please meet my two loves for this month:
                         MAC PINK NOUVEAU +  NYX SPELLBOUND

Here's a photo of me wearing NYX SPELLBOUND lipstick

And this is me wearing MAC PINK NOUVEAU

And when these two shades combine, here is the result:
 It may appear like nothing really made a difference but I think that when these two shades combine, it has the power of deception.It looks just like one shade!These two shades actually complement each other.Isn't it nice finding a true match especially this valentines day?Teeehhee

For you to get a clearer look on the difference between the two shades:

Left-Nyx, Right-Mac
 This might just be the perfect time to buy some new lipsticks.
Happy Valentines Day!!


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