Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue and Green

 When I was contemplating on what to wear for the regular tuesday outfit post, I could not help but think of the new "stricter" dress code policies in the university now.Sigh.It's not like I'm fond of wearing shorts or skirts, but my problem is when it comes to shoes  since I love weaing my trusty fitflops all the time. :(

So  when I  decided that I would wear the blue dress, I thought it was a little bit of silly since I planned to dress blue from head to toe.I think that people know that I used to worship the Ateneo back then and it still has a special place in my heart no matter what happens.Life is just full of surprises and the next thing I know, it's already my sophomore year in the school of the green blooded.(Sidecomment lang naman.)

What's funny is that every time Mommy J and I work for the outfit post together, Camille Co would be always brought to our topic since of course she's an amazing fashion blogger.During the process of thinking how to pose for the camera, mommy would say na "dapat Camille Co ang pose." Haha, as if I can pull something like that easily.I still need to study poses knowing how awkward I am.But I honestly think that our outfit posts are getting better or is it just me? :)

As for the setting of our photoshoot, for today, we planned to have it near the library, which also has a parking lot .The place is secluded since we think that it's the place where athletes make their shortcut to go to the Rizal Stadium.YAY!!!

I hope you like the set of photos that I posted in here. It was difficult to choose the photos since mommy J took lots of photos.

Dress from Forever21

flats from Zara

Necklace from SM department store

special appearance : Wallet from Mango
 DLSU shirt model lang ang peg. :)


  1. cute na sana lahat except sa last photo. ang cute mo my haha...bagay lahat ng pose. :)

  2. my the best ung last photo dito.bwahahahhahahh