Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forever Young

 Favorite novel in the whole world: obviously, "Norwegian Wood"
Favorite Song: "When did your heart go missing" by Rooney
Favorite film: ?
Whenever I  stumble upon some kind of data that really asks for personal interests and stuff like that, I would feel unsure about my choice back then.But just to fill up the space, I would typically fill the space and answer with the film  "Back To The Future." However, I think that I've finally remembered what my favorite movie really is.To know is to remember, after all.

It's none other than the film entitled "The Little Rascals."I believe that I was really young when I first happened to watch this film, and it's odd enough that after so many years, it was only yesterday that I finally got the chance to watch it again.As what they always say, better late than never.

I absolutely love everything about this film.It's quite interesting how the film's cast was entirely made up of the children but the film was still a successful enough to reflect some of the most important conditions or things in the human life such as friendship, love, jealousy, hard work and a lot more.

I'm not going to make a serious film review in here but i'll supplement this post with photos.Initially, I was thinking of making a "serious" post about this film but I did not dare to attempt anymore.Teehee
epic opening scene

cutie patootieee

How could I possibly forget Alfalfa?

Alfalfa serenading Darla..."You are so beautiful to me..." :) 
The scene wherein Alfalfa's ears are shaking-? Truly adorable.

The supreme court haha

Simply beautiful

One of the funniest scenes ever. 
"She loves me,she loves me not."

best buddies through thick and thin

Alfalfa singing with bubbles coming from his mouth

 Cool off :(

Awww :))
All i can say is that I love this film so much especially because aside from it's amazing story,it also reminds me of my childhood and younger years.

How about you?What's your favorite film? :)

Much love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Setting : Mail Station, Parking lot
Characters : N and friend S

N arrives at the mail station.

She is ready to read the letter that she's been avoiding to encounter for so long.

She reads it.

Finally....she can move on with her life.

The end.

the background is creepyy


Meet me at the corner

It's midterms week right now, and this is one of the reasons why I was not able to make an outfit post last tuesday.But the good thing is that I don't have any classes for tomorrow and saturday!

Aside from the sleepiness that I've been feeling earlier this day, another thing that I had to combat with was my intense hunger.I don't know why but my body seems  not to be as hunger-strrike ready as it used to be before,or maybe it's just my tummy begging for mercy because of my apparent food sacrifice due to my straight classes.

Maybe it's because of that mixture of emotions that lead me to wear something more relaxed but at the same time with a bohemian vibe.

I bought this faux fur vest last year and I've been experiencing confusion on when and wear to wear this since the weather is so bipolar.But because of today, I was able to wear it once again. :) 

 This is the first time for me to do an outfit post at night and the experience is quite memorable.Also,this is the  first time that I've asked Mamita to take my photos :)

 I feel like I'm in a hair commercial in here. ( feeling lang) haha

I've been very fond of wearing flowy skirts a lot lately.One of the reasons why I would love to wear this skirt is because it's length is just enough, neither long nor short.

faux fur vest from forever21, brown tank top from Zara

flowyyy skirt from Cocobana

Sm Accessories

sling bag from Zara

Listening to : Meet me at the Corner by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hope you had a great day!
Much love,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Behind the Scenes

One of the days that I look forward to every week is tuesday simply because it is the day wherein I get to meet Mommy J to have our customary tuesday outfit posts.Our meeting was about to be postponed this week because of mommy's full schedule,but with much pleading,mommy finally agreed to push through for today.And Since Mommy J would argue not to repeat the same place for a shoot, we agreed to have it at my condo's rooftop.

Looking if there are still people around...

I woke up around seven in the morning,which is earlier than my wakeup time during tuesdays because mommy J's class would start around 9am.Thank you so much myy for spending at least an hour with me for the sake of my outfit posts!
ze sleppy me

                                        CUTIE girl photographer
Longchamp si my! Taray:)

If you have already seen my previous post,you would notice that I'm wearing heels! I don't like wearing them except if it's really required for me to do so.It's just that for this shoot,we both think that using heels would actually look better.But I only wore them once the photo shoot started :) It was a bit difficult wearing the ankle booties since the last time I wore them was last year, in my dance class and I couldn't pose properly since I had a difficulty in balancing my own weight while wearing them.I seriously don't know how i was able to dance with those shoes.

Believe it or not,I spent more than ten minutes just preparing for my poses since mommy's expectations are getting bigger each time we meet.

I call this the "behind the scenes" photo.Every time we have a shoot,there would always be many things that we have to consider.First,we have to find the right time to shoot since academics can really affect our plans.Second,our constant dilemma would be that we have to think about the right place to have our shoot.We have to find a secluded place so that it won't be a lot more awkward for both of us.
Every time that we do have a shoot,I would always bring my camera,some accessories, and for today, the ankle booties that I had to wear for the day.Despite the many things that go along the way, I would always feel happy since I know that we have accomplished something for a day.Also, it makes me feel that when you really want to do something,you would really find the time just to do it.There are just no excuses if you really like what you're doing.

Black Valentine


Black top from Zara Men

Ankle booties from Parisian 

Ring from Forever21

Bangles from Forever21

Bag from Lyn(Greenbelt 5)

Necklace from Forever21

sheer skirt from Forever21

Photography by Mommy J :)
Setting: Manila Residences Rooftop (teeheee)

Happy Valentines everyone!