Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teacher love

It's a nice thing to have a break from all the major subjects in Literature and have something different even for a short period of time.Every monday and thursday,I struggle using the stairs up to the tenth floor of another building just to make sure I make it to my philosophy class on time.As early as now,I've already learned so many things from my professor.Whenever she says something so profound, the whole class turns silent with so much awe.She's so passionate about teaching and I love the fact that she's so energetic and so enthusiastic every meeting!Also,she has an extraordinary sense of hearing that she can hear the sound of the cockroach crawling.Phew!
Let me share with you some of the things I've learned from our discussion today.

"She is not my enemy but at the same time she is not friend."
When she told us that she was not on good terms with her stepmom, she also said that people around her have this idea that just because your not a friend of this person, you are already her enemy.The truth is that it does not work that way.We just grew up with this dualistic approach on things.We always think in terms of "either/or."For example,it's either a person is good or bad, short or tall, and so on.

"I prefer sincerity than empty politeness."
My professor hates it when students would greet her when deep inside they would actually hate her.SO instead of greeting her,it's fine with her if you just curse her.Hahah

Some love lessons....ehem

"You will not find love if you are not ready for it."
"Love is not for the faint-hearted."
"I like this guy but he doesn't know it yet."

For some reason, we got to know something about my professor's lovelife today and it was such a wonderful experience for a professor to actually relate something to students since  a topic like this would not be something  easy or "formal" to discuss during class.
She related to us that she hates it when people push her or force her to get married.She told us that its not because she's not open to the idea but it's because it has not come to her yet.Sure,she has been into relationships but she always knew that those guys who she was involved before were not going ot be the one she'll end up with.And I think the highlight of the day was when she told us her conversation with her friend which is something like this :
 Friend: Bakit mo siya gusto?May mas mga guwapo pa,mas may matatalino pa?Mas may mayayaman pa?
Prof: That I cannot argue.But the thing is, he is the one I love.

When asked about her ideal type of man:

Friend; What is your ideal man?
Prof: Just a man who knows love.

I think that everyone in her class is truly mesmerized by her.She once said that in three months,she could change our lives.Well then,I think my life is slowly starting to change because of her.Haha.I'm looking forward to our following sessions so that I can share it you!


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