Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ni Hao!

Yesterday marked another contribution to the fairytale endings that we tend to expect and see from our  local television shows.The series is none other than the highly popular,My Binondo girlAfter five months of being garnering huge support from viewers all around the world, it has come to an end.

Although the series has strong and weak points, I admit that I am a fan of the series even if it manifests the predictable plot in a way that anyone can actually know how it would end from the very beginning of the show.Let me start with my observations on none other than, the binondo girl herself, Kim Chiu. Anyone who hasn't heard of her name must have been living inside a cave  because she's one of the most popular and well-loved actresses that the showbiz industry has today.From being the simple bubbly chinita girl from her PBB days, she has come such a long long way and made her name for herself.But that does not stop anyone from calling her retokada.If this is true or not, you  be the judge.Her appeal comes from the very core that she embodies someone who should play the traditional actress that the media implicates for the longest time--- the sweet protagonist.And in her recently concluded television series, it comes no surprise that she played the same role that is expected from her.Honestly, I may not be the biggest fan when it comes to her acting performance since she would have to act more naturally,but that does not stop me from actually liking her .Is it me or is  does she really have the sympathy of the Filipino mass because she seems to be genuinely  innocent and kind in real life amidst having her heart truly broken, or as what Xian Lim would say,'naputulan ng pakpak', caused by her former on and offscreen love partner(he who must not be named haha)?

The show was also able to manifest different excellent actors.Richard Yap who played Papa Chen played his role very well that at times, I thought of him being Papa Chen in real life.Just to give you a little bit of trivia, when I was out eating at Chwoking last week, I was surprised to find out that Richard Yap was the model of the fast food chain and I only notice it know because of his newfound fame!(Haha).Cherry Pie Picache was amazing, as expected.Ricardo Cepeda, another great actor added to the drama of the show's entirety.After all, what's a series without antagonists who would be giving difficulties to our binondo girl?Before I forget, I truly believe that Laureen Uy was also a revelation and that she proved that she is not only a great fashion blogger, but is also a good actress.Lastly, the number one achievement among all of the things that the show was abel to produce would be the birth of THE KimXi loveteam.Thanks to this series, Xian Lim was able to attach "actor" to his profession,more than just being mreley a hot model and a talented musician ( He plays almost all of the instruments, I think.)

From the looks of it, it appears that we are still expecting the fantasy to be brought into the real life. There is this strong urge of anticipation to  see the actor and the actress that we like,hoping that they would actually end up in real life.But a little thing to be considered is that although we might want them to be together so badly, we must also realize that they too have their own hearts that might seek other persons.It's just too bad showbizness is forcing a real life couple or making them seem like one just for the sake of the fans and the popularity that has to be securely fastened.So it would just be good to hope but not "force" a couple.

Going back to the television series, we can get a lot of lessons from it since all of the characters have their own stories to tell that would make anyone of us easily relate to .It was a good show for me despite being predictable( the irony).Kudos to the show since it placed great emphasis on the importance of the  family more than anything else!Also, let us celebrate because this show was also able to manifest the lives of the Tsinoys.So even if it has come to an end, let us all still happily anticipate for new drama series to come and touch our hearts,over and over again.


Taft girl (doesn't sound good)

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