Saturday, December 24, 2011

Realizations this week

Dear Self,

I am proud of you for staying strong amidst all the things and issues that are inside your head .When you came home last week, you brought all you worries and fear with you and it is now time to relinquish all of these things that diminish the positive vibe of christmas.
When you realized how things or a person can be so ephemeral, I hope that you would continue to cherish all the time that you have right now.It was never your fault that you did not end up with this person or not.It's hard not knowing how you really feel towards someone you care for .But you made someone happy for a long time and that is something worthy.And you might have even loved him in the  most unusual way.But right now, you are happy of where you are and the choices that you have made.Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, just like the title of your favorite film.Keep that in mind.
I am happy that you now know the consequences of what you have done.Give your best when it comes to academics and it is going to pay off sooner or later.What's done is done so stop whining or being sad about things.Just go for the killer next time and show what you are most capable of.
It's Christmas tomorrow and even if you don't have a christmas tree,at least you have a parol.Most importantly, you are with your loved ones who love you completely and selflessly.You may not have a traditional christmas celebration,but hey, you have your own way of celebrating it!Time flies so fast so it would be so much better if you treasure more of your time with your family while you are still here at home.

Sincerely yours,

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