Saturday, December 24, 2011


   I got inspired to do this post because of Antsy  :)
So here is my very own playlist for this week.

1) "All I want for christmas is you" by Michael Bublé

This is the first time that I've listened to an album dedicated for christmas so it was quite a nice experience listening to several renditions of the classic christmas songs that we have known since childhood.

Michael Bublé is a great singer so I immediately downloaded his own christmas album and he did an awesome job with the songs so it is a must to listen to his album.But among the rest, the song "All I want for Christmas" is my favorite one maybe because it completely expresses my feelings right now.

Oh I just want you for my own
More that you could ever know

2)  "Have yourself a merry christmas" by She and him
Thanks to the new album of She and him, I finally had the chance to listen to Zooey Deschanel singing christmas songs.I actually like her and the fact that I've seen 500 days of summer just a few days ago triggers my girl crush towards her.I like her voice although her singing performance is not going to be mind-blowing, it's still pleasant to listen to.

3) "Without you" by Usher  Beat:David Guetta
I am obsessed with David Guetta right now and the one to blame is my dad for playing his cd while driving.I was able to renew my love for him which started a year ago.But my favorite song in his album,"Nothing but the Beat" would be definitely the song "Without you" by Usher!!!

                                 I will never win this game without you.

4) Twilight saga: The Breaking dawn soundtrack
As embarrassing as this may seem, I am going to admit that I am the type of person who spends most of my time creating my very own world while listening to music.It's like I'm creating music videos in my head all the time! Teehee
And many people abhor Twilight , but I love  the saga and I don't care if people are disheartened by my choice! The Breaking Dawn has the most impressive soundtrack among the others but Twilight would come second for me :)
I am completely in love with almost all of the songs but I would  just like to share some of the most played songs in my ipad right now.

 a) "A thousand years" by Christina Perri
        I could just melt....

                                                I have died everyday 
                                                 waiting for you
                                                 Darlin' don't be afraid
                                                 I have loved you
                                                 For a thousand years
                                                 I'll love you
                                                For a thousand more

b) "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last 
    The song is just so romantic that it gives me butterflies.haha

                                           I surrender for who I've been for who you are,
                                     for nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart

c) "Flightless bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine 
    I want this song to be played on my wedding  .HIHIHI. perfect song!

                                               Have I found you
                                               flightless bird

d) "From Now" on by The features
Cool and lively song :)

                                               Years went by and nothing changed
                                          The love we shared just stayed the same

e) "Cold" by Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz- Quite an unhappy song for me but I actually like it.

These are just some of the songs or the soundtracks that I have been listening to this week.I hope that you may also take some time to listen to the songs that i have just shared. :)


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