Monday, November 7, 2011


So I decided to make a blog post every week that focuses on the things that made me really happy during that particular week.I'm coming up with several ways to reinvent my blog that focuses on how I would appreciate my life more and all the things that go along the way.
Here's what happened last week:
-Supersale Bazaar with Mamita Symba.
Despite the heavy rain during that day, we managed to come to the bazaar.The funny thing was that when we got to World Trade Center, there were lots of guys wearing black and it felt odd knowing that it was a bazaar.And we  realized that we were actually  lining up for this cosplay event.Haha
So when we found  the real bazaar  , we were both glad to see "Sophie's mom" since we heard good reviews about the cupcakes and the mochi balls.
Moving on to the bazaar, the entrance fee was 100php :( There were lots of people during that day which made it hard for us to move and choose clothes.
Honestly I was not impressed with the clothes during the bazaar and I was disappointed since I was expecting amazing clothes from the bloggers that I follow or maybe it's just because all the good clothes were already sold.Nonetheless, I think that the accessories and make-up were really good so here's what I bought:
Accessories from Keiko Collection :)

Nyx Lipsticks from The Make-up Store!The cosmetics are way more affordable than the ones being sold in beauty stores.
And this is me trying on the red lipstick at home just for the sake of doing so. *me doing the happy dance*

Hope you have a great weekend!

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