Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chocolate Fire

 It took a while for me to able to write something for this post.Teheee
On November 9,a day before my 18th bday, Mommy J and I had a special date together with siobe Chelsea and Teazz (RR's family) haha.It was not officially my birthday party but it was rather a date to chocolate fire! Thanks to mommy J, we found where it was without any difficulty.When we arrived at the venue, there were only very few people there but the place was really nice.

I was taking picture from the very start but then the saleslady told me that it was prohibited so I was still lucky to capture some shots.Teeehee
We got so confused before ordering since there were so many chocolates!! 

Frozen banana dipped in chocolate(mommy J's order)
(Pistachio dark chocolate)-my order

i honestly ordered two different chocolates.The other one is the mocha chocolate ganache and it was really delicious.
Moving on,here are some pictures of the second floor:

The bathrooms are so cute.I want my bathroom to have a painting on the door,too!


We spent an hour just taking pictures.Bwahahaahahha

 Thanks to the RR family for making this day extra spacial and sweet.And thank you for cooperating with my wish for us to all wear red during that day!


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