Saturday, October 1, 2011

You and I collide.

 Today, I was able to go shopping with mamita Symba.We felt the urge to go shopping for us to reward ourselves from the intense academic workload.And the thing is,I've been spending soooo much time with mamita lately.Aside from the fact that we see each other everyday because of classes, we also live in the same condominium so whenever I feel like talking to someone,I just go to her unit and we gossip about ANYTHING under the sun and at at times,I even sleep at her place.
                 Mamita-MOA girl        Me-Ayala Girl

Mamita,if you're reading this,I want to say thank you for being a great shopping buddy and thank you for making me feel like I'm part of your family.Haha.And for this day,thank you so much for influencing me to buy in Sm department store :) Looking forward to the next one,till our wallets give up on us!!!Haha

I won't ever forget our late night talks (sis+you+me's private talk) and adventures during the typhoon.

Highlights of the day:
-kultura invasion
-gongcha wintermelon
-lab's lookalike
-spontaneous plan of a halloween and christmas party

And i WAS SUPER DUPER MEGA HAPPY when I found out that the department store offers really good clothes and accessories at affordable prices.

                                     It took us so much time to choose hats to buy!
                        (sorry for the quality of the photos for I am not a photographer) :(
                           I rarely wear a hat but I just couldn't resist buying.
      Is anyone going to believe me when  say that this costs less than 300php??? Unbelievable,right?
                                                          I'm fond of prints lately.
                          I don't know what's the proper term for this garment but I call these my "ruffles skirts."

                                     And this dress costs only less than 300 php!!!
I'm so excited to go shopping again,as always.

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