Monday, October 31, 2011

Negative post

This is the second movie date with my dad during this week since he'll be leaving for tomorrow! 
For today, we watched "In Time" in Glorietta and I honestly think that it's a bad film.And I feel a little guilty for saying this because I just read Antsy's post regarding the movie a while ago.
I think that the movie had a good concept and i think that it ought to tell the viewers a very important message which is that we should treasure the time we have and we can do a lot of things just in a day.But when I was watching the film, it was just terrible for me.I badly wanted to go and leave the movie house.I like Justin Timberlake as a singer, but it's a different story when it comes to him being an actor.Amanda Seyfried was really hot as usual but I didn't find any chemistry with them.Also,it seemed to me as if Justin Timberlake was trying to be a second-rate action star and I wasn't impressed with his acting skills.But all of this are just my opinions but I suggest to  anyone who could possibly read this post to go  watch the film and see for yourselves. My dad should have agreed with me to watch "Praybeyt Benjamin," instead!!!! Haha



  1. talagang you badly wanted to go and leave the movie house? :o! hahahahahaha!! ang weird ng acting ni justin timberlake, lalo na nung namatay mama niya! hehehehehe :))

  2. totoo yun!! hahaha :)
    pero what did you like most ba dun sa movie?haha.san k nanuod?

  3. ung concept na time ung money, hahaha pero ayoko naman ng ganun in real life!! :)

  4. nakakaloka ung movie.ayoko maging mayaman ayaw ko din maging mahrap!!!haha