Tuesday, October 25, 2011

if am crazy, you are there to be crazy as well.

Disclaimer: THis post does not follow the  good use of the language and is meant to convey what I really want to express.

Sometimes I wonder what my life could have been if I haven't met my soul sister.Perhaps I could be happy in a way but the thought of not being with someone who can be there for me and appreciate the person I am, a package full of flaws, is undeniably a very sad thought.And because of this, I am deeply thankful for meeting  the person who i consider my best friend,but an angel who remarkably changed the person that I was before.
This is like the nth time that I made something for her but I won't get tired of doing so because I'm a very sentimental person.Haha

Hello, best! 
If you happen to read this post, pls. remember that everything I say in here is the truth. :)
I can't believe you're turning eighteen in less than three days.
I can vividly remember the first day we met and the first day we talked about our different worlds that became similar.We talked about Antoinette Taus, our shoes, our houses, and Honey my love so sweet.It's amazing how it feels like we've just met yesterday.And I don't know if you know this, but during that day, when we were sitting and just talking while the piano class is going on, I truly felt happy because I was sure that I met a true friend and I haven't felt happy for such a long time then. When I was on my way going home, i had a smile on my face.
I want you to know that you are the only person in the world who knows all my kalokohan , my love stories , and my inner sentiments.
Thank you for being there to lend me your ears at all times.
When I'm with you, I feel most comfortable because I know that you won't judge me no matter what.
You have been with me through the most wonderful and sad times in my high school lifel.We both had our first loves together and both had our hearts broken and I want to say that having you by my side makes me almost fearless because you are ready to catch and help me when I'm about to fall.
(Oh my gosh, naalala ko best ung ma kalokohan an ginawa mo for me-shoes and gag..haha)
I still remember the time when we would just imagine things and I really enjoyed our exchange of love stories. I love it when it seems like no other person can relate to me over goichi goichis and stuff but you do.We have our own dictionary of terms which makes people think about what we're really saying and you just bring out my crazy wild side being that girl you are.Haha. (san pa magmamana is bibi)
You can understand me the most that not even silence can serve as an impediment to our communication---talking without sound :)
Best, I am so proud of you for surviving high school as well and leaving all the drama behind. I get hurt when someone thinks badly of you knowing the great person you are.You are so kindddd as innnnnn :) I just hope that insecure people wouldn't intrude with your life the same way they did before.
Okay best ang gulo gulo na ng dedication post ko pero whatver you understand me naman kahit siguro mag jeje pa ako.
I dream that someday we would get the chance to spend quality time as in ung hindi lang one day.Hay.Naalala ko tuloy ung sleepovers natin na hindi naman tayo natutulog because todo chikahan tayo.
Come here naaa kasi sa Manila.Hihi

And by the way, thank you best for letting me become part of your life as well.i am thankful din that you're very genuine and when somehting's wrong with us, talagang you make it a point to tell  me what's wrong.
Naalala ko bigla ung petty fights natin every monday and wednesday during social studies class.Haha

Anyway, Best, I want you to know that even if we don't get to talk as much now, I am thankful to God for sending me the sister that I never had.You are truly the most beautiful person inside and out that I know .Let's catch up sooooon. :)
When I'm with you, sumasabog tayo as kalokohan.
                                                   we are tropicana buddies

                                                        nENEZ pa tayo

                                  i think you're going to hate me for posting this picture.Haha

                       Like ko expression mo here.

love you bestyyyyy.

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