Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Courage is stronger than steel."

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Every time my dad visits me here in Manila, we always make it a point to watch a movie together no matter what.For today, we went to MOA and no matter how hard I try to convince him for us to watch Praybeyt Benjamin, he won't allow such thing to happen since korny daw! Thus, we were confronted with the choice of either watching "Real Steel" or "In time." I think my dad really ought to watch  "In Time" more when we were choosing and I wanted to watch it as well since I'm very excited to see the team up of J Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried but I could not tell my dad that I opt to watch "Real Steel" more because I have this huge crush on Hugh Jackman.Teehee

So when I was about to buy the tickets, the saleslady told us that the premiere for "In Time" would only be for the Director's Club and would start quarter to six so this is faith telling us that we should choose the other film1YAY! But what's interesting is that before playing the movie, Sm Cinema provided us, the audience, with this interactive game called "Winema" and it was super fun that everyone of us was laughing in the cinema.

Moving on to the movie, I think this is a really good film and I really love how the movie depicts the growing relationship between the father and his son.And the battle scenes are so cool.When I went home, I immediately googled the film to see if there's any sequel to it and the good news is that there really is!!!! I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel.Hugh Jackman is such a beautiful man.He looks so strong and buff , but on the inside he's such a marshmallow.I have always loved Hugh Jackman since "X-Men." And this movie made me love him more.Gosh, I worship him.
Forgive me for my shallow comments since I really suck in making film reviews.It's my weakness! :( haha

In a nutshell, this film made me cry and it's a good experience to have my dad watch it with me.I highly recommend for my readers to go watch this film. :)


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