Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mortality and Immortality

Before I shut my eyes surrendering to sleep, I usually have a plethora of thoughts flowing inside my head. During that time of the day, I get to question a lot of things about life in general and issues concerning the world that we currently live in. I think a lot about the consequences that I have faced due to my irrational actions. I think of the wide array of possibilities that can happen next. Anything can happen at the blink of an eye but no one can really tell what’s going to happen next. I know that as a mortal human being, I have to prepare for the worst. Death can even attack without giving me some warning ahead of time or even a will testament to be left behind. It’s amazing how I haven’t seriously thought about the possibility of dying the next day.

Brandon Mull was right when he said that, “The curse of mortality. You spend the first portion of your life learning, growing stronger, more capable. And then, through no fault of your own, your body begins to fail. You regress. Strong limbs become feeble, keen senses grow dull, hardy constitutions deteriorate. Beauty withers. Organs quit. You remember yourself in your prime, and wonder where that person went. As your wisdom and experience are peaking, your traitorous body becomes a prison.”
We experience a lot of wonderful changes and developments in our lives but only for it to come at a certain end. When we get older, the more we experience what it’s like to be a person. We get to feel a variety of emotions that this life can offer to us. But it also comes to a point wherein we would feel that we’re not the same people as we were yesterday. We may have changed either for the better or for the worse but we realize that there is change no matter how big or small, in ourselves and it’s going to be a lifetime of possibilities that incur change. The more of this that we encounter, the more we question. And what mortality has to offer is a limited chance to know the answers that would possibly trouble us for days, months, or even years. A limited time to know what we really want to do for the rest of our lives. A limited time to know the whole point of our existence. Also, nothing is really permanent with mortality. Even the beauty cannot last forever, it will fade away. All that would be left in the world are printed photographs depicting such beauty then.

The most confusing problem arises when a person doesn’t know when the inevitable would happen. We are always in the struggle to seize every opportunity that comes into our way but the scary part is that when you are to reach the final end, you would not have the chance to accomplish things that you haven’t done in your life. It would no longer be the troubling “what if’s” when we get older, but there would be nothing to come anymore.
Aside from that, the problem of mortality lies with the possibility that we can allow methods to come that could shorten our lives. As human beings, we are susceptible to several diseases and illnesses that could shorten our lives and would only make us feel that it’s not worth to be living in pain. When I say diseases, I don’t just mean health disorders, but also the pain of living in a box full of happiness and disappointments and being trapped to the fear of pain and suffering. It could even result to euthanasia or suicide.

Blame it on the vampire craze that has lead us to believe that being immortal is way cooler than being a mortal being. Kidding aside, I can say that as a human, I have been once interested in the possibility of being immortal. The culprit of such thought would be because of my fear of death. Like I said, I don’t know what death has to offer. I know the concept of nothingness associated with it. The human’s desire for immortality can be because of their fear of death. Aristotle even said that it is the ‘most fearful thing.’ I have known no one who has come to life and write a book about what death is like. It is one of the most intriguing concerns in the humanity. It’s just hard for me to think about such thing. Death is a very hard word for me to explain. When I get to think about it, I go into a daze. I am alive after all, not dead. To say something about a particular phenomenon that is ironic with regards to the state where I am in is very challenging. It’s just like having a scientist explain why our race experience love. There would be no definite answer. When death happens, I wouldn’t have the chance to say to my present self how it was like to be dead. Why do we fear death so much when it is inevitable, a part of the human cycle?
Death means a lifeless person that signifies the purposelessness of that being. We are scared of being completely useless, being thrown out of nothingness outside of this world. That strengthens the fear of death. What immortality can offer to us is to have forever in the grasp of our hands. An endless time to do things all over again, there seems to be no end of the beginning.

 As for me, I prefer being a mortal rather than being an immortal. There is the concept of being strong embodied in an immortal but the ones who are genuinely strong are the mortals. They have the capacity to live and surpass through the challenges that life has to offer despite being susceptible to death. Mortals can wake up each day with a purpose, appreciating the events unfold in their lives knowing that it may never happen again. Even if it means limited time and chance to discover oneself because the clock is ticking. I am proud to say that I am a mortal human being. I get hurt a lot and I feel happy a lot of times. Also, as much as I don’t want to look old, I am getting older day by day. Knowing that I am closer to fulfilling my goals in life makes me want to aspire for more and look forward to the days that would come. Everyday seems to be like a adding bit by bit a jigsaw puzzle wherein you have to give dedication and discipline in order to complete it. And now I can peacefully sleep for tomorrow I can add a piece to my puzzle until it becomes complete.


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