Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fully Booked 2!

Recent books thatI bought! :0
By the time that I'm posting this,I am done reading "My name is memory".It was fine,but I thought it was going to be spectacular so I was quite disappointed.
But I'm really looking forward reading "A Visit from the Goon Squad" since it acquired a lot of prizes.

 I can stay in a bookstore for hours and live there.What I also like bout Fully Booked is that they have this corner dedicated for this cute stuff like notebooks,journals and what have you.If only I could afford to buy everything,I would really buy all of the stuff.The notebooks are quite expensive so I just bought few of them.:)This would keep me inspired hopefully.

Fully Booked

One thing that I always look forward to when it comes to my shopping is going to Fully Booked!I love the store because it showcases not only books,magazines,but also a lot of interesting stuff that makes me want to come back for more.I just want to share my recent finds in that store!! :)

 Believe it or not,they sell lip balms just like this one.There's a lot of choices to choose from but I chose Coke for some reason.If I'm not mistaken,this costs 60php.
Well I'm going to post other stuff that I bought in my next post! :)
This is really a late post due to my slow internet connection.Teehee

Friday, August 26, 2011

Define freedom

Because it's officially term break,I can now blog,blog,and blog till my hand hurts! :)

 If you saw me in class this term,I would always bring this with me no matter what.I'm a bit sad since it's time for it to rest for a while. I bought this " happy animal" at fully booked during the first month of this term and one thing that I don't like about it is that it gets dirty easily or may appear to look dirty ::((( But I love this so much that I have decided to keep it for a while so that I can still use it in the future.Hihi :)
Mail Received!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nikki The Videomaker


I promise to upload the other videos that I have made.:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Last week, my dad  came here to visit me.I had a full schedule on monday and I can't go out so I asked him to buy me coupon bond.To my surprise,when I got home he bought different kinds!!!wihi.My posts lately may seem silly but these things actually make up my day.:)

There's something about carrying home a brown paper bag that makes me happy.Nevertheless,this post makes me want to crave for burrito and quesadillas :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meet my inspiration

This is actually connected to my previous post.He is one of the main actors in the film "Snakes and Earrings." I super duper duper admire him!!!!!!

The only guy character who I love despite the piercings and a snake tongue !!What I really like about his character is that despite the gangster image is a very sweet and funny guy inside.GAAHHHH Pls.just see the film!!!!

KORA KENGO!!!!! <3

Imagine my surprise when I actually learned that he played as Kizuki in Norwegian Wood.I wanted to dieeeee!!I have only watched some parts of Norwegian Wood since I can't find a decent copy yet.:( Buhu.


I love Kora Kengo as himself and as Ama..<3

Snakes and Earrings

So me and my friend were talking about japanese authors just last wednesday.Then I actually asked her about her facebook album dedicated to one japanese author.It was Ryu Murakami.Believe me,I had a hard time pronouncing his first name,which is Ryu.If you know me,you would know that I worship Haruki Murakami.But they are not related at all!So my friend told me that Haruki is more into fairytale-? while Ryu is more into the dark side.Unfortunately,there are no books I have encountered which Ryu wrote.After a lot of talking,our conversation jumped into another Japanese author.I forgot her name though.Teehee
And one novel of this author as made into a film,which was "Snakes and Earrings". But my friend warned me that I had to do some "preparation" before I watch the film since it's a serious film.
The next day,she finally gave me a copy of the film!YAY!!Then during night,I mustered enough courage to watch it.But unfortunately the subtitles wasn't working that night.There I was,watching this Japanese film with no subs.
The next day,I asked a little help with the subs since I badly need to understand it!!Good thing my magic worked at my second try.
I promise to write a post about the film since it's really amazing.I can't find the right words to describe it at the time being.I'm not the type who would watch a SERIOUS film,and I always look forward to a happy ending but this film made me feel like someone else.But I still feel pretty bad that it isn't happy ending though.Oh well...
I highly recommend this film.And if you do watch it,pls. look at it in another perspective.


Friday, August 19, 2011


This picture was taken like a year ago but it just happened that I came across this today!
We may not be ateneans,but deep inside our hearts,there would always be a space for our first love.

It has  not been a very good day for me.My whole body hurts so much and I have a stiff neck which made me cut my last class fro today. :(
For some reason,I feel like I'm a half-Comm Arts student since I'm always editing videos for my projects and stuff.Here I am,writing despite the amount of work and video editing that I have to do.All these things that i need to submit next week akes me tired and lonely.On a positive note,I plan to go shopping tomorrow to reward myself with all the work that I have done.It's sale in f21!! :)

By the way,this is me getting hungry and making this as my dinner fro tonight.I dunno if this is the right spelling,but this is a chinese food called mapah-?

I'm tired and going crazy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What my workplace/messycorner looks like

 I always have sticky note(s) posted in the wall to remind me of the things I'm SUPPOSED to do.
My messy workplace which I love.
                                        I got these stickers from PETA :)

If you would look more closely,my wall is filled with brochures/flyers from different foodshops or restaurants.Food delivery has become a new friend for me.

I wanted to share these recent purchases of mine which I got from my f21 shopping yesterday.
There is a reason for me to do this actually.I want to look on this blog probably in the future and I want this to remind me about stuff that may or may not be important but still tells a lot of who I am.A shopaholic.Hihi,

                                     Heart-shaped earrings ! Oh so cute :)

 This one's a makeup palette which consists of eyeshadows and eyeliners.

...and a super cute purse that reminds me how much I love polka dots :)

      Despite the things that I need to do for school,I can truly say that I won't tire myself completely.I need a dose of shopping even once a week.
Shopping makes the stress go away!Happy me :)