Monday, August 31, 2015

Stacy's Date with Mummy

So last sunday, I was FINALLY able to meet up with my college mummy! It's been so long, and I'm so happy that our date finally pushed through. The last time we've seen each other was a year ago,wherein  we also went to BGC. At that time,  we hoped to try  out  Stacy's, but then the restaurant had a private event! Ahuhuhu

And a year later… we decided to try our luck again and eat at Stacy's! Thankfully, it was open for public during the time we came, and we were finally able to go try it there, even if it was probably a year in the making. You could imagine the gulo-gulo we had deep inside hahahaha. Sharing some of the photos that we took during that day. :) On a side note, I really love going to BGC on sundays. It's the best time to go there! Haha

My mummy Jannel
A complimentary mug of sweets that included popcorn, pretzels,marshmallows! 
UNLI Iced tea for me hehehehe ( iced tea addict present here!)
Credits to Jannel Serrano for most of the photos!

At the end, it was really the perfect time to catch up since there were only a few people dining at the same time we were. I had this silly idea that I told to my mummy wherein I used the opportunity to eat at Stacy's a sign! I told her that last year, while I was also being a drama queen ranting about job hunting, Stacy's was closed when we came. And during this time around, it's open and we were finally able to try it here. SO THAT MEANS A DOOR HAS OPENED FOR ME, A DOOR OF OPPORTUNITIES ( A job and other things lol).
Will check if that door will indeed open up for me soon haha.
Much love,

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Moving to a New Space

It's been a week since I've moved in to our new condo! I was previously a tenant in a different condo for about four years. Even if I just moved to another building beside the previous space I was living, it still feels quite different. Here's to making new memories in my new space :))

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Life Lately : From being lost to a little bit lost

 Happy Monday, everyone! I know a lot of people hate mondays, I am also guilty for having this same feeling before. More than anything, I think it's because it would mean the end of a chill weekend, and  getting back to work or normal programming. I am honestly liking mondays better now, since I am not employed right now or anything, I just enjoy another start to a week. But a part of me also gets scared since time is passing by so fast, and I really need to get my life back on track.

Anyway, I figured to make much of an effort to connect more on my blog, and try my best to update this regularly. When this year started, I really battled with a lot of "what ifs," and it can be such a pain sometimes, since I have a tendency to over think things. However, when I started to pursue little steps towards improving or doing something while I still feel so lost, I started feeling much better. For one, I have decided to pursue graduate studies this year! Classes start late this month, and I'm so scared, but I feel like this will help me gain direction in my life hehe. When I graduated, I was really keen on getting a nice job, and pursuing my masters after a few years instead…then life happened! It brought me to a different direction, reminding me that sometimes, we are not always in control of what happens and we just have to let it go (thinking about Frozen right now).

Other than that, I've decided to apply for the civil service examination this coming October. I've always had a slight interest in working for a government office, so *IF I DO PASS*,  it is a possibility that I could take on. I just checked my Timehop few days ago, then I saw a tweet from my self years ago, ranting about how I wished I took the civil service exam! Well,  that was a year ago.  A decision that was year in the making, brought by my laziness and indecision at that time. :(( Hay naku!

I really wish I would make more of this little steps because it is really better to start on something you really want to do, and stop making excuses for it not to happen. I am so guilty of doing this time after time, and it is something I am  constantly trying to work on. A part of me wishes that I could be proactive as much as possible, but a part of me just wants to take my time and not pressure myself so much. But, at the back of my mind, I do hope that what I'm about to do would really help me give a clearer picture on what I should be doing. Must not be afraid to try and try new things that would help my still-a-little-bit-lost self. :)

Much love,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lipbalm Love

Hello! It's been a long time again, as usual. I was looking at my make-up kit for these past few days since I have a very bad habit of disposing stuff when I'm no longer that interested in them. Good thing I was pretty sane for the past few days and didn't throw out anything hehe.
Just like most people, I love applying lipsticks. I could leave the house without wearing anything except sunblock and a good lipstick! Problem is, I have really dry lips and I normally wear matte ones. Good thing lip balms were invented and can come to the rescue for people like me!
I figured I would do an appreciation post for some of my favorite lipbalms right now.  :)

Covergirl lipslick Smoochies - This was just a recent find while I was in Watsons few days ago, and I thought why not?! Covergirl is one pretty nice drugstore brand that I've tried before, so I ended up buying this one haha! I actually like the scent of this one.
Benefit Lollibalm - Out of all the lip balms I've tried, I would say that this is my favorite one for so many reasons! I love its smell,packaging, and it glides on my lips like a dream. It's not the MOST moisturizing out of all, but this is good enough unless I wear a retro matte lipstick.
Kiehl's Lip Balm - I've been a fan of Kiehl's skincare for years now, but I've just had the chance of buying their lip balm recently. I was on the search for a really moisturizing lip balm that would be good underneath the most matte lippies I have, and this just found its way into my life haha! This is pretty good for prepping the lips since it's really moisturizing.
Burt's Bees Refreshing Lip Balm - My mom gave me this, and I like this mainly for its scent of pink grapefruit! This is what I use when I'm just at home, and I want something to keep my dry lips at bay.
Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry - I love this because of its sheer tint and the scent. :)

Much love,
Nikki :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Japan 2015 : Tourist in Tokyo (Day 7)

For our 3 days in Tokyo, we stayed in Grand Pacific de Laiba, which is a pretty good 5-star hotel. It's connected to two shopping malls in tokyo, the Aqua City, and the Divers City. Anyhow, one of the main highlights of our trip to Japan is visiting Disneyland. To be honest, I think I liked HK's disneyland better, but Tokyo has also DisneySea, which we didn't have the chance to go to :((( huhu next time!

Simply because no one is going to be old enough to not visit Disneyland.

But the main highlight of my trip to Tokyo was seeing my OBAHHHH, Kazu!!!! I first met her when we were classmates for a minor class when I was still a frosh. I still remember our first conversation when we were both taking the stairs after class dismissal, and I told her I liked japanese music, and Keiko Kitagawa! And the rest, as they say, is history lol. I even remember going to so many shopping malls with her when she was still staying in PH! I really miss this girl so much! 
She gave me this cute gift set since she knows I really love Hello Kitty. Years ago, I remember her bringing home so many hello kitty goodies from Japan, and her grandma even gave me a hello kitty stuffed toy! :))
Wishing I could go back to Japan next week and stay there as much as I can hihi

Much love,

Japan 2015 : Lake Ashi (Day 5)

At many times, I think I need someone to constantly remind me that consistency is the key to so many things in life. I know I fail in being consistent at a lot of things, including blogging hayyy. Sometimes, it's just easy to take the blame on my slow internet for not updating my blog so much anymore. But, I do promise to post  more as much as I can. 

This should have been posted weeks ago haha, but like I always always say, better late than never!

I also realized that I only took a few photos for each touristy destination we went through haha. For our fifth day in Japan, we spent it in Toyohasi, then going to Mt. Fuji, and taking the cruise on Lake Ashi, and lastly spending the night in Tokyo. So I'm sharing some of the very few photos that I took during the cruise :) This is one of the highlights of our trip to Japan. The next time I do travel, I swearrrr I'm going to take so many photos till my memory card can't take it anymore hihi.
Much love,