Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Life Lately Updates :2018

Hi everyone! It feels like forever since the last time I posted again, as usual. I just want to give you a quick update on things I've been liking these days.

This matcha cake from Tsujiri. It's so good.
I honestly bought this because of hello kitty and I was just looking for some new makeup remover wipes to try. So far, I'm really surprised how I'm loving this!
Our favorite Binondo restaurant is Ying Ying Tea House. No matter how much we try other raved restaurants in Binondo, we still keep coming back for Ying ying!!
My favorite puto hehehe
My good friend from Japan sent me a postcard for new year. I love receiving handwritten notes/ letters so much. My next goal is to also send back a postcard in Japan :)

Much love,

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Beauty : Sephora PH thoughts

Hi! So quite recently, I ordered at Sephora Philippines for the very first time. I've actually ordered quite a few times at their US website before, but due to some problems encountered with my card being  based here in the country, I wasn't able to order anymore at the Sephore US Site, and it was pretty heartbreaking lol. Anyway,  I'm still glad that there's still the Sephora PH!! Even though the selection is quite limited as compared to the US site, there are still quite several brands to choose from. I was eyeing this Born this Way foundation from Too Faced for quite a while but it is a bit expensive and I don't really wear foundation on a daily basis. However, when I've learned that there was going to be a sale for members, I immediately signed up and availed my 15% off .

I actually get really anxious whenever I'm expecting a delivery of an item. I think I just have a bad luck when it comes to it. There are quite a few times wherein the delivery of an item would always take a second re-delivery. I'm not even sure why, but I remember not going out the whole day when I read that the item is out for delivery, but it still failed. I clearly remember sleeping for about an hour in the afternoon, and maybe that was the time wherein the delivery guy tried to deliver an item :( . So during the second day that it would be out for delivery, I made sure to stay awake and wake up early so I won't miss anything. Good thing is, I was finally able to receive my package!!

Overall, delivery of the item took around six (6) days. I ordered it on a saturday and it arrived friday next week. I know that I got the item during a sale period, thus increasing the chance of a delay, but I'm pretty impressed with how fast it was delivered to me.Not bad, Sephora!

The shade that I got is Vanilla. The tricky thing about buying something online, if you've never tried it out before, is that you end up guessing and just hoping that what you ordered would turn out to be alright. It can be quite stressful to buy a foundation with a shade that is wrong for your skin tone. Honestly, when I first  tried this foundation, I felt pretty nervous and unsure since I realized that it's actually much more yellow-toned in person, even if it's supposed to be a pink-neutral one based on its description. However, when I applied it to my face, I'm glad that it turned out to be okay, although still not as flattering than a foundation with a  pink undertone. I love how lightweight this feels, like I'm just wearing a tinted moisturizer. I also admire that it's very buildable. 
But I don't think I would repurchase this because I've realized that this is just really better for those who have yellow undertones. Oh well, at least I've satisfied my curiosity about this foundation. 

Much love,

Monday, October 2, 2017

Life lately : Greenhills, and cooking milestones.

Hi guys! To be honest, I've been experiencing this sudden urge to focus on making videos and share more content through vlogs and Youtube. However, blogging is still something I truly love, no matter what happens. In here, I can share many of my sentiments, and my thoughts more clearly. So I told myself that I will try my best to blog and vlog as well lol.

Last week, mummy dropped her phone so we went to Greenhills to have her phone repaired lol. It was quite a fun adventure since we rarely go to Greenhills, and we get to see a change of scene.
I also achieved my 10,000 steps for that day because we walked so much haha.

We went inside the post office as well since mummy wanted to buy some cute stamps. It was actually my first time inside a post office.
Cute artwork in Glorietta
Had to buy a black shoes because I had to go to this screening event lol 
If you are close to me, you would know that cooking used to be one of my biggest frustrations. But this year, I made a promise to myself to turn that feeling in reverse and do my best to love cooking. Lately, I've been so happy to achieve cooking milestones and having that fulfillment of enjoying meals I made myself :) 

Much love,

Mummy's Birthday Lunch

Last few weeks ago, my college mummy/ bestfriend Jannel celebrated her 24th birthday. Because of that, she decided to treat me during her birthday lunch.Thanks myy! hihi. I wish you invited Saba also :( Anyway, we met up at Greenbelt and walked our way to a Vietnamese restaurant called Ba Noi. I rarely eat vietnames food, since my preference would lean towards chinese, filipino, and japanese cuisines. But I am glad that I was  able to try vietnamese food for a change! :)

Here are some pictures taken during that day : 

Walking  walking walking
Birthday girl and me :) 
Mummy is so happy with the food hehe

After our lunch, mummy J was generous enough to treat me to dessert afterwards. Since she loves saba so much, we decided to eat saba con yelo at  Mesa in Greenbelt :) 

Much love,

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Sharing some of the photos taken during our photoshoot for Mycookielab. Sayang naman, even if this wouldn't  be used for its original purpose, at least I could share it in my blog haha.

I ordered two customized flavors - green tea crinkles with matcha filling, and chocolate crinkles with cookies and cream filling. Super yum!
Some free coffee given to us by the owner :)
Physical store of Mycookielab
Different flavors, different whoopie possibilities lol 
Some close-up shots taken by Mummy Jannel

Much love,

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On disappontments and moving forward

For a whole lot of reasons, I think writing is a very special way of release for me. By release, I mean releasing my worries, my doubts, my thoughts, my feelings, and so on and so forth. With writing, I believe you have got to have the strength to be vulnerable. Does that even make sense at all? Whenever I write something very personal to me, I tend to get emotional, and it takes a certain amount of strength to write about things that matter to you deeply, may it be about writing a love letter to someone, or writing something about your life journey that may not be a happy experience at all.

I'm assuming that most of my readers are people I personally know myself, and ifever you are a close friend, most likely I have shared this with you.Just last week,I've had one of the most challenging weeks in my life. I've been trying to make things work to the best that I can , but it gets tiring when your efforts are not appreciated. I am a very sensitive and a hardheaded person, to be honest. But more than that, I think I am innately a nice person. However, I do have my limits. I don't think I could stand people/ situations that make me feel like I am less of a person because they say so or make me feel so. I may not provide the best work out there, but I am a good person at the end of the day. I do not deserve being treated less or being treated unfairly. My mom has been so supportive to me before this incident even happened, and told me that I shouldn't get stressed with such things because I was taking it seriously because I'm not even joking when I say that I was even having random meltdowns in public places . And during the day when I received  a sudden and sad decision, I made sure to make myself a priority. I no longer wanted to tolerate or "tiisin" just to push things or make it work. I have decided at that moment to focus on myself, I no longer cared about the amount of hard work or the money that was spent just for this thing, I just wanted it to end and let go of it. Some of you might think it is a rash, irresponsible, and nakakasayang na moment. But at that moment, I knew it was best for my own sake- for my happiness, and for my sanity haha. Granted, I think I could come back and attempt to make things work again, but that would come at a time when I am ready to do so.  Right now, I am finally looking at things and my life at a different perspective. For such a long while, I thought that by achieving this certain accomplishment, things would be so much easier on my part. And now, I refuse to let this kind of incident define me, or make me feel like I am not enough. I remember watching the Spiderman film weeks ago, and a particular scene really made an impact to me. Ironman was about to take the spiderman suit back, and Spiderman was saying that he was nothing without the suit. What Ironman replied was something like "If you're nothing without the suit, then it shouldn't be yours at the first place." That scene kept on replaying on my mind as this incident happened. I am slowly realizing how important it is not to be totally defined by such incidents or certain accomplishments. It is important to know who you are at the end of the day, and what you believe in.

Life goes on, as they say, I will continue to look for opportunities to make me better, and hopefully lead me to the right path.

Much love,