Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beauty Buy : Benefit's Dandelion Dew

Hello, happy friday to all! Lately, I've been noticing how I am fond of liking a certain look in different phases in my life. There was a time wherein I was so fond of this terrible eye makeup combo that I used to do which involves putting blue eyeshadow under my eyes and black eyeliner bwahahah, but that was several years ago, and  I don't plan to do that look anymore! When I went to college, there was a time wherein I would wear thick foundation to cover up my chicken pox marks. But more than anything, the look that I am more fond of more than ever is putting on a pop of color on my lips and just dabbing a bit of cheek tint on my cheeks for a natural flush. And when it comes to cheek tints, I am obsessed with Benefit's cheek tints. I've tried all of their cheek tints, but I've recently come across a new release here in the country- the Dandelion Dew. I'm such a sucker for tints or cream blushes since it's so much easier to apply and it looks more natural compared to the powder blushes.What can I say... I really am pretty obsessed with the color of this one. It's a soft baby pink that still looks natural. It's my favorite among all the tints from Benefit, and that's something big for me to say. And it's quite different from the previous tints as well, since this has a pump barrel and it is more sanitary and easy to use :)

Here's a picture of me wearing this cheek tint! I look really so chubby here, but it is what it is haha! Chubby cheeks for life :)

Much love,

Thursday, June 9, 2016

May Favorites

Hi! The month of may passed by so quick, and I can't believe that we're already halfway through the year - another year of getting older, and not so wiser haha. Let me just share some of my favorites for the past month. 

Mac Lady Danger
I've always wanted to buy this shade for quite a while already, and I finally bought it while we were shopping at Duty Free. I am a sucker for orange lippies, especially red-orangey ones, so it's a no brainer that I would really love this shade. 

Tame Impala's Yes I'm Changing
I really like the lyrics of this song. :)

There is another future waiting there for you
I saw it different, I must admit
I caught a glimpse, I'm going after it
They say people never change, but that's bullshit, they do
Yes I'm changing, can't stop it now


Emerge by Tobie Eaton
I am and always will be fascinated with mermaids. I love this novel simply because it's a young adult romance novel dealing with a mermaid and a human - ugh I know it can be so typical. But I happen to really like this one.

from Goodreads

Much love,

Sunday, May 1, 2016

3 Step Makeup Look

One of the things that I enjoy doing is actually editing videos. I decided to make a video showing my everyday make-up look, and I had it simplified to three steps. On some days, when I do exert more effort, it's more than three steps since I do add eyeliner sometimes. I use different face bases usually. Currently, I alternate between Nars Tinted Moisturizer, the Benefit BB cream, and the Belo BB cream :).  For my blush, I really love using cream blushes or tints since it's so easy to use and it really gives a natural look. Stila has these convertible colors that are really amazing to use on a daily basis. As for my lipstick, I recently tried FS Luscious Matte Lipstick and I'm so glad that I decided to try it out. It's really affordable, and is pretty good for a drugstore lipstick. Noticeably, I don't really do eye makeup or fix my eyebrows at all, teeheee I know I should! Someday, I just might do that when I know the proper technique of doing so. Hope you'll like this video. :)

Much love,

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lippie Find : Stila Baci

Hello! If you've been noticing, my posts are more inclined towards beauty finds lately. I think this shift is very natural since these things are some of those that really excite me most. Finding a good budget buy, or finally getting my hands on a new beauty find is something I actually truly value, no matter how much silly that may sound to some. Let me share a new liquid lipstick shade from one of my favorite beauty brands, Stila - Stila Stay All  Day Liquid Lipstick in Baci.
The first liquid lipstick that I actually bought was Stila in the shade Fiery, which was a very gorgeous blue-red shade that I love. However, when I got my hands on this, I didn't really expect myself to be in love with this particular shade since I don't really know the right face makeup to go with this. Anyhow, I just tried this one day and I really love how subtle it looks, and it goes well even with my everyday natural  makeup look that I always go for. I look forward to the days when I'll be using this from now on hehe! 

Much love,

Sunday, April 17, 2016

What Just happened today...

I originally posted most of this on Facebook, but I just wanted to share this on my blog as well.

So naturally, on saturday night, I already had no intentions of really going to the mall or anything like that during sunday because I already did go out twice this week. By 'go out', I mean go to the mall. So I just naturally assumed that it was going to be  chill sunday the next day. But, something strange and something scary happened today! I remember suddenly waking up from a good night's sleep with a loud knocking on my door. And it was really weird because at that time, I kept thinking about what must be so important that someone was already knocking on my door when I was expecting nobody at all. I honestly thought that I might get a notice for violating something. I didn't even had the chance to look at the clock or my phone at that time, so I didn't know what time it was. When I opened it, grabe lang, there was the smell of smoke, I saw some guards on a panic mode, trying to remedy the situation. Naturally, I got very scared and I closed my door at first. I grabbed some of the most important things I could think of because I was really scared and I didn't know what was really happening. I grabbed a kimono cover up immediately because despite the sense of urgency about the emergency situation, I was really not dressed decently.After that, I grabbed Saba,my doll, and I remember grabbing some cash and my keys to the condo. I didn't even remember getting my phone or any gadgets just in case something bad really happened. You know how in movies, you watch scenes during emergency situations like terrible earthquakes, fire, or a villain chasing after you, and you just sort of felt  or hoped that  those things would only happen in a fictional world. But even during simple incidents, when something freaks you out, or something unexpected really happens, the feeling and experience is just so different. So after I grabbed some things of mine, I opened my door immediately, and one of the guards told me to take the stairs. And I also remember that during that time, most of them were knocking on the different tenants' rooms. After that, I was already climbing down the stairs, with the other tenants following behind. When we reached the lobby, I remember smiling at one of the tenants because we both said na nakakapagod ung pag climb down namin ng stairs. And then, most of us just patiently waited down at the lobby of our condo. I went to 711 to buy some drinks and banana to keep myself calm- huh?? After several minutes, finally things were  okay, and we were told that it was finally okay to go back to out units. Someone even joked na lahat naman kami same floor ung pupuntahan so we only had to press one floor destination at the elevator. When I finally entered my unit, I just realised that I am lucky, because I wasn't hurt at all, and the situation could have been worse in different scenarios . It was just scary to think of other cases wherein something bad might happen and I have no idea how to handle it! Anyway, so glad that everything is okay now. 

Much love,


Friday, April 15, 2016

New home additions

Hello, happy friday to anyone who's reading this post now! Life lately has been confusing me lately as usual. But my academic term has just ended two days ago, and I'm so happy to be closer to my dreams of getting that masters degree. To be honest, this term went by so fast, as in really fast. I'm doing my best to stay hopeful in the job hunting process as well. There are times wherein I just want to give up, but I have to constantly remind myself that this is something I have to do, and I will find the right job soon. I just have to persevere and do my best (repeats to self 100x) haha.

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share with you some new home additions. As some of you may know ( since I'm assuming most of my readers are people I personally know), I've been living/renting in a condo a few years now, but late last year, I finally moved to our owned condo. I've been so happy making some little improvements to my space. 
Panda bear! I've officially declared her name as Pandy-Coco. Pandy, because panda hehe. And Coco because I just sorta remember the Pandicoco bread that I used to eat when I was younger haha!
Look at panda being so cute and being the guardian of the condo! Asides from that, my mom took the liberty of adding pictures( mostly hers hehehe) in the wall. It's a pretty nice addition methinks.Makes me feel not so alone in my space.
And finally, a decent couch!!! Initially, we wanted to buy the beige one, but decided that it would look dumihin because of its light color, so we ended up getting the black one instead. 
I'm happy to welcome some new additions to my little space, and hopefully, when I'm rich and able to buy a bigger condo in the very distant future, I'll be able to share it here on my blog as well. :)
Much love,