Monday, February 1, 2016

Mask it Tuesday : Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Hello! Just going to quickly share a mask that I've been using for a few months now. Clear Improvement Mask is one of Origins' bestsellers, and I decided to try it out because I've been interested in trying out charcoal for my face haha. I apply it usually once a week, and I leave it on for about fifteen minutes every time ( or less... if I get particularly impatient hehe). I also apply this every time I feel like my skin has been through a lot for a day; most especially during times when I travel. It costs around 1500php during the time I bought it. And I know it's not necessarily a cheap  mask, but seriously, look at the image below. It's been months, and it still contains so mucchhh. Worthy of trying/ purchasing if you have oily skin and dealing with blackheads/whiteheads every now and then :)

Syempre may before and after photos loll

Much love,

Friday, January 29, 2016

January Favorites

Can you believe that the first month of the year is almost over?!  One of the things that we truly have to value is time. One day, you feel excited for  a brand new year, or a brand new month; the next thing you know , it's already over. Anyhow, today, I'm working on a paper for my research class, and also applying for different jobs online, and also taking quick breaks to make a blog post haha. You could just imagine me clicking on different tabs every few minutes to work a little bit of this and that lol.
I just wanted to share with you some of my beauty favorites for this month. Hopefully, I'll be able to do this every month *wink wink*.

Nars Tinted Moisturizer
My go-to BB cream from Benefit is going to be empty soon, and this one is a good alternative for it. Well, it's a tinted moisturizer that  has light coverage, and it's why I like it. And it has SPF too, so I just apply this as my base after sunblock. 

Pink Sugar Lip and Cheek Tint in Purple Pleasure
Pink Sugar is a new local brand that has just launched last year. I decided to try this lip and cheek tint shade because this kind of shade is what I've been looking for a long time now. It's supposed to be for the cheeks too, but I find it hard to use it on the cheeks since the pigment and the color is really  strong. I like that it dries matte when I apply it on the lips, so it's like a liquid lipstick that stays on for hours. :)
Here's a picture of me wearing this shade haha. Chubby cheeks for life. 
Leaders Coconut Bio Mask in Tomato
I've been hearing raves about this product from a beauty blog that I really love, so I decided to try it out since it's now available in Watsons. It's pretty good to use during days wherein you feel so tired to do your night regimen after washing your face haha.  :)

Much love,

Saturday, January 9, 2016

What my lipstick says about me

I decided to write a post about my favorite lipstick so far! My favorite one is actually from a limited edition of MAC's collaboration with Toledo last year. The shade is called Barbecue, and it's a bright orange with a bit of red, and it's in matte formula.
Here are some of my photos taken while wearing this shade of lippie!

ladystache haha!

Photo from Cosmo Magazine PH

It  is also very timely since I've just read about an article on Cosmo Magazine PH about what a lipstick tip shape says about who you are haha. I've noticed that almost all of my lipsticks have a sharp-curved top, just like the image above! And according to the website: 

As a child, you always found yourself getting crushes on those around you—a habit that continued into your adulthood. You have tons of love to give and enjoy helping. You're incredibly creative, which is wonderful, but you tend to put a too much pressure on yourself. You love all animals, but you're definitely a dog person due to canines' fun energy and unconditional loyalty—traits you value in yourself, as well.

 Hahaahahahhahah. I don't think that I'm an animal lover, but I do like to check out photos of cute dogs, especially pugs! Do check out the link to check what your lipstick says about you! Hehehe

Much love,

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The year that was 2015

This post is definitely late, since it's already January 6, 2016! I decided to make a year-ender post anyway, just because I felt like I owe it to myself to write a little bit more, and to give myself a reminder of the past year in this blog. Oh, what a year  2015 was. Sometimes, I feel like dramatizing some of the things that I have felt and experienced, and actually deluding myself into thinking that those experiences were painful or  life-changing, but the more I think about it, the more I begin to question if I am just over analysing those things for the benefit of saying that the past year somewhat brought a "tougher" version of myself. To be honest though, on most days, I feel like nothing much happened- I just got a year older and not so much wiser than I had hoped I would be upon reaching a certain age. Maybe it's because I got so focused on the things I badly wanted to happen but didn't happen. But, looking at the past year, I realised that there are some things that have jumpstarted into something that could lead into something better. Meanwhile, there are definitely sad core memories  that I will remember every now and then huhu.

I'll just say this because I really felt like this incident  really defined my past year! During the first month of the year, I was so excited on the prospect of an opportunity that was already in my hands, but I decided to give it up--- An opportunity that could have been, but ended up as nothing. It was one of the most emotionally painful chapters in my life because I tried to justify to myself over and over again why I decided to do what I did.But a part of me is a little happy that I did what I had to do, because I couldn't imagine going through with it. Also, I've learned to embrace the reality that there is a little hardheaded rebel inside me that makes its occurrence felt every now and then.

I've learned to accept that not everything we have in mind goes the way that we planned it out to be, and it's okay. More than that, there are also so many good things that come unexpectedly. For an instance, I was able to go on a trip with my family to Japan!!! I've been dreaming of going to Japan for years, and I just thought of the day that it would happen, and it finally did. I honestly can't wait to go back :))

I've learned to be more thankful during the past year. I still don't have work, but my parents still support me until now and they have encouraged me to pursue  graduate studies during this time of unemployment. Huhu thank you parents forever and ever.

I don't like to make promises or resolutions now, but I do hope that I'll start taking more risks.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Late Birthday lunch :)

Hi! Just wanted to share some photos with you taken last month when I celebrated my birthday with my college mummy hahaha. We had a simple lunch at Banapple Ayala Triangle. Also, I remembered that the first time I went to Banapple was also with Mummy J years ago, wherein we had a celebration after my chicken pox phase lol. Of course, we also went to Gloriettta ( favorite mall forever and ever) to window shop haha!

Have a break chair. This should be for couples jk
underpass art 
wee violet
H & M MIRROR selfie
Much love

December thoughts

  • I've recently turned 22 last month, and I really should start becoming and acting more like an adult, but on most days, I feel like I don't even know where to begin. I realised that now I'm 22, I can no longer pull off being so childish with how I view my world. But, at the same time, I feel really scared because I know I am trapped in the same situation all over again, afraid of venturing out my options and taking risks. I consider myself as a creature of habit, which honestly makes me feel stay in my own comfort zone again and again. 
  • I just finished my first term in grad school, and it's nice to know a lot of things in a different perspective. I graduated college with a liberal arts degree, making me more inclined with the whole human experience. When I finally decided to take a business degree for masters, I'm surprised to see how different things are priortitized. I am learning a lot in a different field, of course. 
  • I took my civil service exam yesterday in an elementary school in QC. Days and weeks before, I was stressing on how to commute going there, because that's really how I am. I always feel worried whenever I go to a new place lol. To be honest, you can't just depend on google maps to tell you where the exact location is precisely (to a certain extent though, it does). As usual, I asked a stranger for directions and the lady was so nice, and she was so at ease in helping me, so  I arrived safely at my destination on time! This might not be a big deal, but I just was really thinking on how nice people can really be. A stranger could go to a certain extent just to help me, without even knowing who I really am...I mean I could be a psychopath or whatever lol ( I'M NOT).
  • 2015 is already ending. IT'S DECEMBER NA!!! How could time pass by that easily? I need more time to figure out what I want to do, how to do things, and how to be an adult because I am already one.